Communications roles & responsibilities

We see three main types of communication that we need to manage:

  • Communications to the public
  • Communications to members
  • Communications from the public

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Nik Nickerson is responsible for all communications to the public including: the press; URC magazine; and the Facebook page. The news and events section of the web site automatically update to match the Facebook page.

Nik will give the committee members opportunity to review publicity articles before they go out.

If you have an item of news for publication, please send it to Nik.

Nik Nickerson will prepare a monthly HIMS sheet to keep members informed about what’s happening. He will send it to members by email and post. He will also arrange for printed copies to be available in the shed.

Tony George will send out other all-member emails as necessary. He will attempt to minimise the number of emails by combining messages where possible. He will post copies of all-member emails on the message board in the shed.

Tony can also post messages to Facebook (and therefore our web site) when appropriate.

Roger Davies will organise member meetings; their frequency and nature will probably change over time as we learn more about what works well.

If you have an item of news for members, please send it to Nik (stating it is for members only if that’s not clear).

Messages will come to us in a number of ways:

  • Via the shed telephone – Roger Davies will arrange for a message book next to the phone and will review it from time to time to ensure messages are getting through to the right people.
  • Via Facebook and ‘Contact us’ on the web site – Andy Henderson will: decide whether messages need responses; reply to straightforward ones; and pass others on.
  • Via post – Don Bates will discard junk mail and make sure post for us and the URC goes to the right post box. Roger Davies will review our post and ensure it gets to the appropriate person.
  • Via members – If you are unsure who should deal with a message, please pass it to Roger Davies (either directly or via the message book).

In any case, all requests for help should go to Roger Davies who will determine the best way to deal with them. We will use the web site, HIMS sheet and all-member emails to notify members of different projects and how they can get involved.

Tim Norgate will take on Roger’s responsibilities in his absence.

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